Adorable Pinecone Turkeys! **FREE Printable!**

Pinecone Turkeys-6

How stinkin’ cute are these pinecone turkeys?! I made them for my son’s Preschool Thanksgiving party. I wanted a kid friendly center piece for the kid table.

It’s too easy to make.

Materials needed:

  • Pinecones
  • Turkey printable (below)
  • Crayons
  • Hot glue gun
  • Tacky glue

How to:

  1. Print off turkey printable and cut out the turkeys. I recommend using a thick card stock if available.
  2. Glue, using the tacky glue, the cut out turkeys to pinecones
  3. Using the hot glue gun, glue five different color crayons in a fan formation at the rear end of the pinecone.

That’s it!

Simply click the image below, right click on the image, then click “save as”. From there print it as normal on 8.5×11 cardstock.

Pinecone turkeysWM

Pinecone Turkeys-5

Pinecone Turkeys-8

Things to never say to a mom of boys

Never Say Mom Boys

Photo credit: Shana Cawley Photography

I love my two boys, they are my life. I could not love them more if I tried; that includes if they had been born girls. I can’t believe I even have to have this conversation. Seriously, where do people come off saying these things to strangers?! Did your mother never teach you manners? Bless your heart, but y’all need some finishing school.

I don’t think people are purposefully trying to be ugly, I just think they’re ignorant. Words are so incredibly powerful, use them careful.

1. “Didn’t you want a girl?” – Ummm no… I wanted a healthy baby. Which I got, twice.

2. “Were you disappointed that you only had boys?” – This has been asked IN FRONT OF MY KIDS. Really? Really? Thanks for making my kid feel awkward and ask why I’m disappointed in them. Besides my smiles, laughs, and kisses from two precious little boys must speak “disappointed mom” in volume!

3. “When are you going to try for that girl?” – The veiled insult that my boys aren’t good enough, that I have to keep trying for the perfect kid, is extremely offensive. How about rejoicing that God gave me two precious, healthy kids?

4. “Going to try again? Better luck next time, eh?” – Wha… I just… no. Stop.

5. “Your husband’s family must be so thrilled!” – My husband is Chinese. The RACIST implication that Chinese are only happy with a  certain gender is completely misguided. My husband was thrilled to have two healthy children and a healthy wife.

6. “He’s still not talking complete sentences? Have you gotten him tested?” – Do you have an MD after your name? No? Are you my kid’s pediatrician? No? Shut yo’ mouth.

7. “He’s aggressive…” – HE’S. A. BOY.

Here’s an idea… just smile and say, “What a precious child! You’re doing a great job, Mom.”

Besides don’t hate just because we won’t have to pay for that wedding. PS Traditionally the Groom pays for the alcohol at the wedding reception. Guess who is getting the wine she likes at her kid’s wedding? THIS GAL!

Psst, isn’t Shana a fabulous photographer? She captured exactly how my life is with my boys, I just smile and let them be the little boys that God created them to be!

The Sisterhood is alive and well!

There have been multiple articles lately about how other Military wives don’t feel that the sisterhood is active. For those unfamiliar the “sisterhood” refers to the network of military spouses, wives mostly, who barely know one another yet go out of their way to help a fellow sister/military spouse. Many say we’ve lost this connection with each other. Well, in my experience, those ladies are just plain wrong.
Proof of the sisterhood is in the pudding.

Example 1:


This awesome lady. I met her because of a mutual friend I had known from a previous duty station. We clicked instantly and she became my big sister. She has guided me through some tough spots, given me the exact tough love I needed, and I miss her dearly. It is because of her I was able to become a personal trainer (and yes, I look like hell in this photo but hey, I was moving in June and it was hot as all get out).


Also she is the reason we were able to camp comfortably in our Leavenworth home when our hotel screwed up and there wasn’t a room available for miles. At 11pm she loaded up bags full of air mattresses, coffee makers, sheets, towels, toiletries, anything we could possibly need.

Example 2:

Our neighbor at Leavenworth. Immediately as we were moving in, she introduced her self and gave me a big bag of fresh garden grown tomatoes from her garden (YUM). She watched my oldest while my youngest had surgery. She took family photos of us with her super nice camera. Countless times I needed her, she was there.

Example 3:

Moving to here to Korea. The moment my friends found out I was off on this transcontinental adventure, they hooked me up with ladies already here. I got amazing advice from the gym where I hope to work (eventually) to the living situations to the weather. The ladies here have been amazing. From opening their homes to gathering supplies while we live out of suitcases to offering rides while I’m stuck in the hotel; I’ve been in awe of the support and kindness given here. One lady knew I had been hunting a MacLaren stroller and when she saw one for sale on the yard sale page, she tagged me so I could purchase it. The lady I ended up purchasing from is our new neighbor! She sent me a text today of our loaner furniture being moved in.

We’re all in this crazy Military life together. It fills my heart with so much joy that we’re helping each other out. I hope to pay all this forward to other wives.